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ATTENTION! Erasmus Courses in spring semester 2013-2014 - registration is open till 28.02.2014!

dodano: 2014-01-20

The registration for the lectures within the interdisciplinary module in European Studies for the incoming Erasmus students is open! For the complete list of Erasmus lectures, please see our website. How to register?

Erasmus students can register either via YOUR USOS personal account at: https://www.usosweb.uw.edu.pllogin and password (given by the University of Warsaw) -  STUDENT’S SECTIONREGISTRATION4003-ERASMUS-2013L (Registration for ERASMUS students – spring semester 2013/2014) or, when having problems, by sending an e-mail to the coordinator of the course they are interested in (e-mail addresses of the coordinators are available above, in the USOS system and on our web page www.ce.uw.edu.pl/en) or to the Departmental Erasmus coordinator Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert: . Registration starts on 13 December at 9 p.m. and ends on 27.02.2014 at 11.59 p.m.


Erasmus coordinator at the Centre for Europe: Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert, d.eckert@uw.edu.pl


dodano przez mgr Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert

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