Guidelines for Authors

"Yearbook of Polish European Studies"

Title: Yearbook of Polish European Studies  
Editor in Chief: prof. dr hab. Bogdan Góralczyk 
Managing Editor: dr Małgorzata Pacek
ISSN: 1428-1503
Volume: approx. 250 pages.
Format: B5
Publishing points: 10
The print copy is a reference (primary) copy.
Language: English




  1. Manuscripts must constitute original work of the Author(s).
  2. The Yearbook followsdouble-blind review process.
  3. Ghost-writing and guest authorship is not accepted.
  4. Any conflict of interest or ethical issues must be disclosed.

The Publisher and
Editors cannot be held responsible for errors or any consequences arising form the use of information contained in the Yearbook; the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Publisher or Editors.


  1. The Editors welcome contributions in all areas covered by the Yearbook, as set out in the policy statement on the inside front cover.
  2. Manuscripts should be submitted, together with a cover letter, by email or post to the Editors.
  3. All contributions (including formatting and footnotes) must be submitted in house style. The Yearbook style sheet is available here The Yearbook style sheet [Pobierz 220 kB] or on request from the Editors.
  4. Manuscripts should be submitted in English. In appropriate cases and with the agreement of the Editors, the Yearbook can accept texts in Polish and it may be possible to arrange for translation.
  5. Manuscripts must constitute original work of the Author(s) and submissions will be taken to mean that the work is unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Author should submit biographical data, including his or her current affiliation. In case of multiply authorship the input of each Author must be disclosed. Ghost-writing and guest authorship is not accepted.
  6. Contributions should usually not exceed 8,000 words including abstract and footnotes. They should be accompanied by an abstract of 100-150 words.
  7. All contributions are subject to the double-blind peer-review process. The Author will be notified of acceptance, rejection or need for revision within four to twelve weeks after the deadline for submission of contributors as announced in the call for papers.
  8. Acceptance for publication entails transfer of copyright to the Publisher.
  9. The Publishing Programme of the Centre for Europe requires the Authors of the articles accepted for publication to notify the Editors (in form of a statement) about a possibly existing conflict of interest. The latter is understood as a situation where there is a financial or personal relationship between the Authors or the institutions of their affiliation and persons, institutions or organisations which could inappropriately influence the content of publications.
  10. The Publishing Programme of the Centre for Europe requires the Authors of the articles accepted for publication to notify the Editors (in form of a statement) about a likely source of financing of the text under preparation (financial participation of the research institutions, associations or other organisations).