prof. Bogdan Góralczyk

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prof. Bogdan Góralczyk

Bogdan J. Góralczyk – professor in Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw, its former director. Former Ambassador of Poland to Thailand, the Philippines and Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma; 2003-2008). He was also Chief of the Cabinet of Polish Foreign Minister (2001-2003) and long-term diplomat in Hungary (1991-1998). Prolific writer, author of many books and articles in Polish, English and Hungarian. His recent volumes in Polish include three volumes on China’s transformation process since 1978 (two of them to be published soon also in English), a study on Hungarian Syndrome Trianon (2020) and re-edition of his previous essay on Burma after a military coup there in early 2021. He is also very active in public sphere and visible in all kind of Polish media. Member of the Forecast Committee under the Presidium of Polish Academy of Sciences. Visitor and lecturer in many universities and academic centers around the world, mostly in Europe and Asia, from Budapest, Prague and Florence, through New Delhi, Kolkata and Manipal in India, up to Ankara, Manila, Taipei, Manila or Shanghai.

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