Maciej Tauber MA

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Maciej Tauber

Maciej Tauber MA

Graduate of the Centre for Europe of the University of Warsaw. He has been an academic teacher at the Centre for Europe of the University of Warsaw for over 10 years, an expert at the Educational Research Institute for 6 years and a hockey player representing the colours of Torpedo Warsaw for 3 years. He believes that people are the most important element of any organisation and for this reason, should always be at the centre of attention. In his daily work, he focuses on such elements as: the learning process, designing learning situations, motivation, organisational culture, communication and talent management. He specialises in building effective project teams based on the model of mission command. For many years, he has been supporting the process of including market qualifications in the Integrated Qualifications System and conducting analyses of the labour market, competences and qualifications, foreign validation systems, and the formulation of learning outcomes. Since 2016, a member of the Consultative Council of the Centre for Europe of the University of Warsaw. Since 2020, a member of the Council for the Education and Training of Physical Culture Personnel at the Ministry of Sport.  

Profil USOSWEB Membership in the EU and the Problems of Democracy and Human Rights Protection (online course) European Union labour market in the 21st century (lecture)  

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