Kwartalnik Studia Europejskie 3-2016

Title: Studia Europejskie - Studies in European Affairs
ISSN: 1428-149X

Editor: Artur Adamczyk, PhD

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Articles published in the journal are under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives 4.0 International License




The quarterly “Studia Europejskie-Studies in European Affairs” is a multidisciplinary, open-
access, academic journal in the field of contemporary European Studies.

“Studia Europejskie-Studies in European Affairs” is devoted to promoting original research
and insightful debate in contemporary European Studies by publishing academic articles
across a number of disciplines including International Relations, Law, Economics, Sociology,
Politics, Public Policy and the History of Integration.

The mission of the journal is to be a catalyst for debate about process of European integration,
the development of relations between European countries and the role of Europe in the world, interested in European problems.

Our quarterly welcomes contributions on all of these aspects of European Studies from
academics and practitioners. The journal addresses the academic community across the world,
especially expressing its openness for promoting young researchers.

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:

  • international relations in Europe,
  • European integration – the political, legal, economic, social and cultural dimensions,
  • the future of European integration,
  • European crises,
  • challenges facing Europe – populism, nationalism, environmental protection,
  • relations between the European Union and other regional organizations,
  • the role of the EU in the world.