Erasmus Plus Exchange

Erasmus Plus Departmental Coordinator
Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert
tel. 22 553 33 08

Centre for Europe
al. Niepodległości 22
02-653 Warsaw
room 213, second floor

Erasmus Plus Information for Incoming Student

In 1998 The Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw was among the departments and units which inaugurated the Socrates-Erasmus programme at the University of Warsaw and which started co-operation with European partners in the field of student and teacher exchange already in the first year of the programme implementation in Poland (1998/99). In 2007-2013 the Centre continued to develop Erasmus partnerships under LLP Erasmus. Since 2014 the Centre develops student and teacher exchange under Erasmus Plus programme.

Currently, the Centre for Europe works with 37 universities all around Europe. The universities with which the Centre has signed partnership agreements differ in location, fields of study and language and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of studies in the Centre for Europe. Our aim is to make it possible for our students to do their Erasmus Plus studies in their respective fields of interest and their chosen specialisation in European Studies or International Relations – European Integration.

Having in mind the foreign incoming students at the University of Warsaw, the Centre for Europe consistently extends the programme of its courses in English. Each year, The Centre proposes two interdisciplinary modules in European Studies area. Centre for Europe is a leading unit at the University of Warsaw providing the Erasmus courses for over 200 foreign students per year.

Lectures for foreign students are held by the staff of the Centre for Europe, with extensive experience in teaching, as well as people who are directly involved in the process of European integration – officials of Community institutions, former negotiators, experts from central public offices, including the National Bank of Poland, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Regional Development. Courses are divided in three thematic blocks: political studies and economics, law, socio-cultural studies.