Erasmus Plus Departmental Coordinator
Dorota Jurkiewicz-Eckert
tel. 22 553 33 08

Centre for Europe
al. Niepodległości 22
02-653 Warsaw
room 213, second floor

Centre for Europe

The University of Warsaw and – as its part – the Centre for Europe are not only places for studying, meeting eminent academic staff and using excellent libraries, study rooms and labs. Each student studying at the University of Warsaw can also, in their free time, develop their talents: in sport, music, acting, etc.

The Centre for Europe has its own tennis court. It also offers access to all sport facilities belonging to the University of Warsaw, including swimming pools and gyms.

A modern Sport and Recreation Centre of the University of Warsaw was put into operation at the beginning of 2007. Students of the University of Warsaw can use its 25-metre swimming pool, a sport hall adjusted to playing basketball, volleyball and tennis, and a climbing wall. The sport hall, which is a venue for, among other events, the University volleyball championships, is located in the building of the Faculty of Management, at the address: ul. Szturmowa 1/3.

In cooperation with the student government, the Centre for Europe organises numerous integration camps (including an adaptive camp for first-year students) and meetings with eminent persons from the field of science, culture and sports.


We fully agree with the official slogan of the capital “There are countless reasons to fall in love with Warsaw”. Located in a beautiful spot by the Vistula river, with its diversity and the hubbub of a big city, Warsaw is indeed very attractive. Here the past, sometimes very painful, meets the present. Students in Warsaw do not lack entertainment: concerts, exhibitions, festivals, parties and many other cultural events are within reach here. Not only will you meet Chopin, but you’ll also see an artificial palm in the very centre of the city. Let’s meet in Warsaw. Let’s meet in the Centre for Europe.

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The academic year in Poland consists of two semesters: the winter semester and the summer semester. The winter semester starts in October and ends around the end of January. The summer semester usually lasts until mid-June.