Warsztat Youth Istanbul Project 2019 Announcement / Marmara Law Association

7 lutego 2019



To whom it may concern,
This  is written on behalf of Youth Istanbul Project Team to inform you about Youth Istanbul Project (YIP). Our project will be organized for the second time in Istanbul/Turkey, by the students of Marmara University Faculty of Law who are also the members of Marmara Law Association (MLA). 
We would like to indicate that our university is a contracting party of a bilateral agreement with your university (click here to see the agreement), therefore we would like to inform you about our international project where your students can also participate. 
The theme for our project was giving the participants a chance to learn more about economical and academical life in Istanbul by the case works that have been determined by our Team for the last year. Our target for this year is focusing on a “Law and Politics” workshop. As a conclusion, the participants will have an opportunity to step into the global world and the professional arena while presenting their ideas about the given topic. 

YIP is available for students who study at bachelor of art (law, political science etc.) and masters students in your university. During the Law and Politics Workshop, our guest lecturers will make their presentations regarding their specialities. And after these presentations direct the week,  the participants will prepare their final presentations about the given topic. All sessions will be held in English language during the week. At the same time, YIP’19 team will arrange cultural trips that will take place both in European and Asian continents and the participants will meet Istanbul’s historical and mystic character.

During the stay of the participants; they will get to make international friends while attending our social events and they will get to observe the basis of Turkish culture while staying with their hosts. With this academically important organization of ours, the participants will be able to explore a new country as they improve their social skills and knowledge about new cultures.

Accommodation, some of our dinners and costs for the seminars during the week will be covered by YIP. Other expenses, such as flight tickets to Istanbul and transportation in the city of Istanbul, when needed, are not covered. The hosts who are the students of Marmara University Faculty of Law be ready to offer accommodation for the participants from 20th to 28th of April.

We would like to reach international students in your university who might be interested in our project. The application period of YIP’19 will start on 11th of February. You are kindly requested to inform your students about our project. 

The application period is between the dates of 12th – 28th of February.

To have a look at how we spent YIP’18 week and learn more about our project please click here
In attachments, you can find our project file and poster.
You can find all the detailed information on our website: www.youthistanbulproject.com
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Instagram: YouthIstanbul
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