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Title: Studia Europejskie - Studies in European Affairs
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Editor in Chief: Artur Adamczyk, PhD

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Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs 2/2021

Call for Papers

Zapraszamy do nadsyłania tekstów do kolejnego numeru kwartalnika naukowego „Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs”. Artykuły powinny koncentrować się na  szeroko rozumianych zagadnieniach integracji europejskiej, stosunków międzynarodowych w Europie oraz roli naszego kontynentu w procesach globalnych. Profil naszego czasopisma ma charakter multidyscyplinarny, zatem artykuły mogą przedstawiać problemy europejskie w ujęciu  politologicznym,  ekonomicznym, prawnych oraz społeczno-kulturowym. Przyjmujemy teksty tylko w języku angielskim.

 Artykuły należy przesyłać pod adres: wydawnictwoce@nulluw.edu.pl

 Wymogi redakcyjne można znaleźć pod adresem: https://www.ce.uw.edu.pl/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/styleguidese10.2019.pdf


Ostateczny termin nadsyłania tekstów: 12.03.2021;

Przekazanie artykułów do recenzji: 16.04.2021;

Termin publikacji: 25.06.2021.


Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs 3/2021

Call for Papers

Migration and exile are phenomena that have been a great challenge for European countries for many years. Their scale and dynamics have increased over the past decade. The crucial moment was the migration crisis of 2015, which threatened the further process of European integration, and above all undermined the principle of solidarity of EU member states. Under the influence of the migration and refugee crisis, the problem of forced migrations in search of shelter from wars, persecution, climate change, and often simply poverty, has become one of the most important topics in European politics. Many myths and stereotypes have appeared in public space that have permanently entered the discourse on migration led by European politicians. Not only politicians and EU officials are looking to solve the problem of migration, but it is also a very interesting research topic for scientists and researchers. Research focuses not only on the analysis of migration processes, but also on their effects in the political, economic, social and cultural dimensions.

The editors of the scientific quarterly „Studia Europejskie-Studies in European Affairs” invite scientists and researchers to join the scientific discussion on broadly understood migration processes and send texts to issue no. 3/2021 of the quarterly.

The topics of this issue relate to the following issues (but not only):

– migrations in the COVID-19 pandemic era,

– mass migrations as a challenge for Schengen member states,

– the importance of migration for the demographic situation of Europe,

– international organizations towards migration/refugee challenges,

– integration, assimilation and marginalization of „strangers” in host societies ,

– migration policies of EU Member States towards migration challenges,

-nationalism, radicalism and xenophobia as a reaction to the mass influx of migrants/refugees.

Papers’ submission:

Prospective authors are requested to submit their papers to the Editors at: wydawnictwoce@nulluw.edu.pl

Formatting requirements available at:


Submission deadline: 20 May 2021

Review: by 10 July 2021

Publication: by 30 September 2021