The Quarterly “Studia Europejskie”

Kwartalnik Studia Europejskie 3-2016

Tytuł: Studia Europejskie
Redaktor: doc. dr Artur Adamczyk
ISSN: 1428-149X
Objętość: około 250 stron 
Format: B5
Punkty wydawnictwa: 12

The quarterly “Studia Europejskie” (Editor-in-Chief: doc. dr Artur Adamczyk): a reviewed academic periodical issued since 1997, addressed to a much larger group of readers than the academic circles. The periodical contains articles and materials in the field of political science, economics, law and socio-cultural studies related to the European dimension. The authors of the texts are members of the academic staff of Polish universities, experts and officials responsible for coordinating Poland’s European policy and academics from abroad conducting their research on European integration in the broad sense. In contrast to the Yearbook, the quarterly does not focus only on presenting the Polish interpretation of European processes, but rather represents a universal European academic approach to integration.

As an interdisciplinary forum for presenting European thought, the quarterly contributes to the distribution of information and the exchange of views on the processes taking place in the European Union.