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1) The w examination session – both the assessments and the examinations – is conducted remotely. The winter session is scheduled for 1-14.02.2021 , and the resit examination session for  26.02-7.03.2021.

2) For the purpose of remote examinations, both students and lecturers are obliged to use e-mail addresses created in a domain identified with UW, respectively: and 

3) In case of grading assessments, the teacher shall inform students at least 7 days before the end of courses about the form, the scope and IT tools to be used. In the case of exams, a list of remote exams including the form and the IT tools to be used  is published by the Head of the Teaching Unit (Dr Agnieszka Chmielewska, HTU) within 7 days before a session (or 7 days before  an examination to be carried out before a main session if it is a case).

4) Final written assessments and written exams may be carried out with the use of tools available within the  University e-learning platform Kampus, but also with the use of Google tools from the “G Suite of Schools and Universities” package, i.e. Google Classroom tests or Google forms. Gmail is part of this package. 

5) Assessments and oral exams may only be completed with the use of Google Meet. The oral exam (or an oral assessment) should be recorded by the lecturer and stored on disk for 14 days (in case the student has applied for a commission exam or a performance review). The recording may be made available only to the head of the teaching unit (HTU). After 14 days the lecturer should immediately delete the recording, and within one month from the end of the examination session and inform the HTU by e-mail about the deletion of the recording.


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Dear Sir or Madam

In connection with preventing COVID-19 spread among the UW community, The Rector of the University of Warsaw:
– Cancels lectures and classes with students, doctoral candidates, post-diploma learners, except remote classes (until 14th April 2020);

– Cancels open events, e.g. conferences, symposiums, open lectures, cultural events, etc. (until 30th April 2020);
– Suspends travels abroad and participation of employees, doctoral candidates and students in national conferences (until 30th April 2020).

Following changes shall become effective on 11th March.

More information will be available on the UW website –


Prof. Bogdan J., Góralczyk


Centre for Europe

University of Warsaw


Welcome to the Centre for Europe

Welcome to the official Website of the Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw. I would like to encourage you to read the information about our institution.

The Centre for Europe is an integral part of the prestigious and historical University of Warsaw. It is one of the oldest and of the most widely recognised facilities in Poland (as well as in Eastern and Central Europe) representing an interdisciplinary approach to broadly understood European Studies. Thus, our area of research and didactic work includes political studies, legal and socio-economic matters, and cultural issues in internal, regional, external and global dimensions. Our activities are also focused on publishing periodicals, textbooks and didactic materials.

I hope that this Website will provide you with lots of useful information, which will become an incentive for a more extensive cooperation with the Centre for Europe. In this context, I would like to point out that the studies conducted in the Centre offer training programmes taking into account new challenges and problems faced by the EU at the beginning of the 21st century. At the same time, they are adjusted to the needs of the European job market and they improve the students’ practical skills. Another important aspect of the Centre’s operation are the actions in the field of international cooperation between individual researchers and institutes. Therefore, the Centre organises a cycle of international seminars and conferences. It also participates in several international projects.

The Centre is open to cooperation with foreign universities and colleges, science experts and organisations orientated to knowledge, development and creation, in the field of dissemination of knowledge of European integration through research tools and popularising the idea of science as a value.

To sum up, welcome on board and feel free to join our adventure.

Prof. Bogdan Góralczyk
Director of the Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw

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