Kwartalnik Studia Europejskie 3-2016

Title: Studia Europejskie - Studies in European Affairs
Editor: Artur Adamczyk, PhD
ISSN: 1428-149X
Pages: ca 250  
Size: B5
Ministry points: 12

Quarterly „Studia Europejskie”

The Quarterly „Studia Europejskie” is a peer-reviewed Polish and English language journal on European Integration published by the Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw. The Quarterly is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of European integration in the fields of political science, economics, law, history, sociology and other social sciences, especially by authors presenting research results on the Central and Eastern European dimension of European integration. Nonetheless it is open to all types of comparative work and research agendas in European Studies and is aimed at promoting appraisals of current and emerging concepts, policies and practices, in the context of the interdisciplinary academic character of the publishing institution. We strive to preserve the highest academic standards while remaining accessible to policy makers, and seek to encourage informed debate on European issues. The Quarterly is covered in the following indexing and abstracting services: CEEOL – The Central Eastern European Online Library, CEJSH – The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities; BazEkon and the Index Copernicus Journal Master List (ICV 2015 – 5.30), e-Publikacje Nauki Polskiej. The Quarterly has obtained 12 scientific points by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


Editioral Board

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Artur Adamczyk PhD

DEPUTY EDITOR IN CHIEF: Olga Barburska PhD, Kamil Zajączkowski PhD

STATISTIC EDITOR: prof. Adam A. Ambroziak

THEMATIC EDITORS: prof. Marcin Olszak, prof. Mikołaj Rakusa-Suszczewski, Anna

Ogonowska PhD, Małgorzata Pacek PhD,


TRANSLATIONS AND TEXT EDITOR: Studio Poligraficzne Edytorka